Manti High Density

Product Description

Manti High Density micro coating with reduced thickness, from 2 mm to 10 mm, is an insulating resin based on ceramic microspheres.
The molecular lattice in the product blocks the flow of heat through the wall while maintaining breathability.
The product is a render, applied in three coats on a mesh with a trowel, which creates what is called a ‘thermal shield’.
A 4-mm layer is equivalent to 8 cm of EPS; 6 mm is equivalent to 12 cm of EPS; and 8 mm is equivalent to 16 cm of EPS.
The product should then be finished with a breathable plaster and paint, coloured plaster, or other protective coating.

λd = 0,0019 W/mK 

Product Specifics

From 2 mm to 10 mm

Applied on a mesh with a trowel

4 mm = 8 cm of EPS

Plaster finish

Guaranteed to be moisture proof, with a certified insulation capacity that meets all the tax deductions provided.

microcappotto manti alta densità

Manti High Density micro coating can be used for both exterior façades or attics.
Can also be used indoors for the maximum insulation possible.

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